So, as you may have acknowledged from my previous posts, I've finished both my abstract and album cover piece. If you hadn't taken a look at them, pictured below is how they turned out, and I'm fairly happy with the result of each 😊


     Currently, I'm working on finishing a portrait of a baby, whose feet and hands have been a little bit tricky, but is coming along nicely. I'll probably have it finished 100% by next week, but I'll leave some WIP pictures to look at for now (end of page).

    Good news as well, I have four (maybe 5) more commission requests as of yesterday. It is a super amazing feeling to know that your art is wanted in the world. I feel there's a lot of doubt; when starting a business, sharing your talents, etc in the idea that there exists a fear of rejection. So, when a new project arises for the sake of someone else and commissioned at that (the most important thing😁), it's a reassuring reality that I am good enough. On that note, pertaining to 5 (maybe 6) commission requests, I am currently closed for them until at least 4 are finished. In the meantime, I'm also continuing the 100 portraits in 10 days challenge, with which I'll post all of the portraits done at the end of those ten days, (or you can see daily posts on my Instagram and Facebook) and creating a small abstract on the side for my sister in a little switcharoo deal we have, (the same deal I had with my mom). 

     Other plans include some further investing. I'd really like to make some 5x7 prints of the abstract piece, titled Women Are A Trip, and create some stickers from a few sketchbook doodles I've made recently, (also pictured below ✌) and I plan on purchasing the XPEN Drawing Tablet-- I want to try my hand at digital art and it seems like a great place to start-- 

Thanks again to all that stop by here, or my Instagram and Facebook pages. I appreciate every single one of you. I'm so looking forward to further sharing my artwork and progress! 



--Future Sticker--



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