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    A rt as a basis of expression can mean a number of things-- or perhaps a more fitting definition; art has a number of means of execution in which a message or purpose consequently expresses or reiterates as a result. It can be social or political beliefs: a passion for animals or plants, nature in general, beauty of the world, beauty in people. Art can be melancholy or jovial. It can be a sketch, painting, sculpture, or it can just be. Today's artist is influenced by his culture and spreads the love of it through jewelry; which he creates and obtains from far places. Allow me to introduce: Alejandro Nunez. H is passion resides in his heritage,     " I am Mexica, Otomi, and Chichimeca. My Indigenous name is Tezcacoatl Xipilli Tepiltzin," and his products range:      "I make jewelry that is handmade. I get almost any stone in the world and get legally obtained animal claws and teeth. Black bear, grizzly bear, wolf, mountain lion, Mexican crocodile, coyote, bobcat

Bold and Beautiful

I t takes a lot of courage to be bold. Growing up, I was anything but. I was always the girl who hid behind my sketchbook or behind whatever I was reading at the time; speeding through the hallways to get to my next class, never really making eye contact with anyone but rather focused on the ground as they walked by. I was never proud of the fact that "this" was how I "was," although I suppose it had its benefits. My friends were always of the "good crowd," although I realized as I got older that most kids my age were indeed "good," just troubled.  M y sister has always been the bold type. She generally had an easy go at making friends. In fact, when we were younger, my shy self would ask her to go talk to the other kids at the park so that I could play with them too. She always obliged. It was good to have a sister like her. I think it was about junior year that I had finally started taking the initiative to talk a bit more. I was still quiet i

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