Discovering my Passion

     I understand how the whole "my passion found me" line seems like a total cliché but it does have its merits. In my 23 short years, I've only experienced true, soul-serving, focus-obsessing, work-encompassing passion once in my life. I've had plenty of interests run across my plate but nothing had ever wet my palette as much as art had.

    It started as a small flame and grew into an uncontrollable need to create and improve as I did so-- here is why I'd describe it as a passion finding me: I had been scrolling through Netflix, you know, as we often do, attempting to find a new show to watch, and I found myself stuck on this cute Japanese animation. It was the first one I'd ever watched, but there was just something about it that I couldn't take my eyes away from.

The lead, I found, was everything I wanted to be. She was kind-hearted, accepting, loving, a hard worker, hopeful; the ideal daughter and friend. Not that I wasn't any of these things, but at the time, I hadn't known it. All I knew was that I was quite cruel to my sister growing up, as siblings often are, but I hadn't wanted to be. And so, I found myself thinking at the time, "well if I can't be her, I can draw her," and so, I began my art career. Funny how something so simple can begin a whole chapter in someone's life.

    That was when I was nine years old. From then on I drew anytime I could. I'd often get in trouble for bringing my sketchbook to places unsuitable to do so and be reprimanded for not attempting conversation with those around me, as drawing behind my sketchbook seemed like the reason I hardly spoke (although it was more a shyness in personality which I still harbor to an extent today).

     I continued pursuing art for many years. At first, I watched Mark Crilley YouTube videos, rented anatomy books from the library, and of course joined an art class, but mainly, I practiced and practiced and practiced. I suppose looking back, you could consider me a hard worker in that respect, determined, and hopeful for the future. In fact, anyone who knows me now would most likely describe me as having attributes similar to the female lead I looked up to so much. It's a nice thought, how art not only let me express who I was, then and now, but had and currently has been shaping me into the woman, mother, and artist I am today. 
  With that said, I believe everyone has a dormant need to create and to express no matter their field, and an innate want to help the world. Whether that be through dance, writing; giving life to expression and imagination. Surgery, hospice; creating a chance. Protesters, paving for change. Whatever your reason, for me it will always be, now and until death, art and all that it entails. 
    In conclusion, I want to give special thanks to those who have supported me, both friends and family, and to those who pushed me to improve, my teachers and classmates. I will always be grateful to have been given a talent that I worked hard to hone and improve upon, and I look forward to the many years to come of myself and my artistry. As my passion found me, I hope too a passion will have found you. Whether it springs to life young of age or somewhere in the years to come, there is something for all of us. Let us build a world of expression, hope, and positive change. It sounds like a good way to live, doesn't it? 


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