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How Creativity Has Helped My Career

If you ask a creative person if they feel they're creative, they might hesitate to answer because what really qualifies creativity? At its core, creativity is the ability to solve problems in a unique way. Even when you're creating an art piece, you're solving some sort of problem- a blank canvas, craft pieces you have lying around... Whatever it is you're creating, the initial problem was that something needed  to be created- Now, on to the main topic of discussion: how has creativity helped my career? I think it's best to first explain what my career is.  In technical terms, I'm a freelance copywriter.  My duties range from creating SOP templates to emails to even website copy.  It's a job that requires creative outlooks on a daily basis.  And I'd be nowhere in my career without it. Life without creativity is simply trudging along. My career without creativity would be no career at all, but just a job.  There would be no opportunity to voice my opini

The "New" Piece

I always found the announcement of a new artwork an interesting thing, simply because a finished artwork is never really "new" but rather just "completed." If you're anything like me, a "new" piece is actually an artwork you've been staring at for weeks on end (although there are some exceptions to this i.e. sudden inspiration that motivates me to complete a painting in as little as two days' time.) In any case, a finished artwork is an exciting thing to announce. Speaking of, here's my latest: It's titled, "Where Darkness Can't Breech," and it's about how even on our darkest days there remains a sliver of hope within us.  It's currently being showcased in Kent, OH at the FJK Gallery for their "Celebration of Light" exhibit. It's my first time having a painting in a gallery, so I'm really quite (but humbly) proud that it was accepted.  Speaking with the organizer was rewarding as well. Hearing his

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