The "New" Piece

I always found the announcement of a new artwork an interesting thing, simply because a finished artwork is never really "new" but rather just "completed."

If you're anything like me, a "new" piece is actually an artwork you've been staring at for weeks on end (although there are some exceptions to this i.e. sudden inspiration that motivates me to complete a painting in as little as two days' time.)

In any case, a finished artwork is an exciting thing to announce.

Speaking of, here's my latest:

It's titled, "Where Darkness Can't Breech," and it's about how even on our darkest days there remains a sliver of hope within us. 

It's currently being showcased in Kent, OH at the FJK Gallery for their "Celebration of Light" exhibit. It's my first time having a painting in a gallery, so I'm really quite (but humbly) proud that it was accepted. 

Speaking with the organizer was rewarding as well. Hearing his excitement for the piece made my heart leap- and the building was such a cool space to even glance at. 

I had my youngest with me at the time of drop-off, but I've made plans to go and see the exhibit in all its glory with a friend of mine. 

I'll be submitting more pieces to galleries next year, and hopefully, I'll start making a name for myself in the local art communities. 

Here's to New Year's Resolutions! 

Happy Holidays,

Skylan Abraham


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