Lighting and Mood

    *Author Tidbit*  As some of you may know, today is the kick-off to the artist feature project! I'll be featuring a new artist every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday -starting today forward- taking an in-depth look at a few artworks that best embody the featured artist's style, talent, and skill. You're welcome to leave a comment, and if you like their work and want to learn more about them or to see other artworks, links will be posted at the end of each feature for you to follow. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the raw hearts behind the work* 

     With that said, allow me to introduce our very first artist for this project, a digital artist with a passion for animals and someone who doesn't take "light" lightly: Artist Taylor Frost. 

     Pictured below are just a few of her animal portraits. It's easy to see how much thought went into the lighting and drama of each artwork. Paired with the light is the absolutely incredible detail of each piece: from the scales on the snake, reflecting back a shine that feels as though a door had just been opened into a dark room, to the highlight of the tiger's eyes in the piece following, seeming as though he is lying on his side sunbathing in that catly manner or perhaps rubbing up against a tree and viewing something that piques his curiosity as he does so, giving him a rather innocent look. Each scale created, each whisker flicked and fur stroked, these portraits stop you in your tracks and cause me to hold my breath and think "WOW."

     The simplified backgrounds/midgrounds create a centered focus on the animals and accentuate each creature's colors by being just a shade lighter or darker, and gives each artwork a painterly feel as exhibited by the texture. The glow the light offers is very unique to her digital style, and if I had to describe her works in sum, or rather how they feel, I'd compare them to the ardor a photographer feels as he holds himself and his camera steady waiting for the perfect shot. Photographers are best at making us stop to appreciate the majesty of things we often overlook --in the details or otherwise-- and this is what I feel Frost has done with her digital paintings. Don't you feel the same? 
     If you'd like to see more of Frost's work, you can follow the links below to either her Instagram or DeviantArt. She is currently open for commissions. 

      Instagram    DeviantArt 
     Thank you, Taylor Frost, for allowing me to feature your work on my page 😊  I look forward to seeing your future works.    

     With the first feature at its close, I hope everyone joins me Wednesday for our second as we take a look at an artist who wholeheartedly feels his works as he creates and who utilizes the unexpected to create texture within them.  

Know a Budding Digital Artist?

--products Taylor uses to create her pieces--


  1. Makes me really want a pet portrait of my rabbit Nudge!

    1. Id always be up for doing your rabbit as a commission! Thanks for the opportunity <3

    2. It's Taylor by the way haha

  2. Gorgeous portraits. I may be a bit biased because Taylor is my daughter but I love seeing her create and am in awe of her talent.

  3. You have every right to be proud! You're daughter is extremely talented! Also, after talking with her about creating this feature, she seems like such a kind girl. You have raised a wonderful daughter.


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