An illness

I felt, 

for the longest time.

My sadness, 

was no friend of mine. 

She made me miserable, 

and in consequence, 

everything else around me

became miserable too. 

I cast her out once-

like an exorcist a demon. 

I had learned a new word, 


and it was like sadness, 

like sin vanished,

back to whatever hell she came from. 

Like a new friend to the friendless,

optimism reached out his hand- my savior,

and we had months of happiness together. 

But to my dismay, 

in few years time, 

sadness crawled out of the grave she was cast, 

and hit me harder than she had ever before. 

Optimism was taken aback-

him and sadness fought often,

over the rightful claim to my mind.

Until one day I decided I had enough of their quarreling, 

told them both to stop, 

and the storms settled,

and they decided to live side-by-side,


and give birth to realism,

who currently resides. 


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