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Music On The Square

Vendor events are quite scary to be a part of.  At least at first. Music On The Square in New Philadelphia was my third vendor event in the last two years, and I had a great time.  But the initial fear was still there.  Until I met my vendor neighbor. His name was Joey.  He was friendly and I enjoyed talking with him, and he helped me relax.  * Setting up was a fairly easy process this time.  I was running late initially, but was lucky enough to find a parking spot close to my vendor area so unloading was easy, and Joey was nice enough to help out.  Setup was easier this time around as well. I didn't bring everything with me.  By "everything" I mean the paintings I have hung up at the  Artisans on Canal  shop in Bolivar, OH.  My cars a bit too small to handle a 2' x 4' painting safely. 😅 But I still had plenty to show.  The event was from 3pm-10pm, so I took an old painting I had stuffed in my closet and worked on it to help the hours pass by.        I figured 7

Refocusing My Niche

If you've read, I'm a Bucket of Eccentricity , then you know this site isn't the most focused when it comes to content.  I suppose when I think about my writing, most of my articles come from everyday experiences. And as much as I'd like to gain blog traction by simply writing whatever my heart desires, it seems you cannot grow much doing so.  I need to become an expert at something.  If I had to choose, then my focus would absolutely, 100% be Art and anything art related.  Maybe I'll make a journal blog for my random things, but I'm going to refocus this one, and: weed out any articles not related to art (transferring them to another blog)  plan content ahead of time This may take some time, but it's all for the sake of further progress.  As to what you can look forward to on this site: Bi-Weekly Artist Features My Artwork Art Tips/Tricks Vendor and Shop Experiences Famous Artists and Their Work  So, if you: are interested in discovering unique artists love

Break the Rules

    "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist" -Pablo Picasso      What are the rules, per se ? If you've ever taken an art class in middle or high school,  I'm sure you're familiar with the terms used to describe a painting, perhaps in light of a critique or just a regular lesson.  These phrases, once learned, direct us in how to go about creating an artwork in a way that makes sense not only to us as artists, but to our viewers as well.       Drilled into us at every project and learning  opportunity, words such as "balance, color theory, value,  foreground , background," are the most basic of terms. Then, there are the more complex descriptives, giving for a more specific take on a subject matter. Take for instance the term juxtaposition, which is used to describe the result of an artists' intentions  to bring out a specific quality of an artwork or to create a particular effect by placing contrasting or opposing elements

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