Refocusing My Niche

If you've read, I'm a Bucket of Eccentricity, then you know this site isn't the most focused when it comes to content. 

I suppose when I think about my writing, most of my articles come from everyday experiences.

And as much as I'd like to gain blog traction by simply writing whatever my heart desires, it seems you cannot grow much doing so. 

I need to become an expert at something. 

If I had to choose, then my focus would absolutely, 100% be Art and anything art related. 

Maybe I'll make a journal blog for my random things, but I'm going to refocus this one, and:

  • weed out any articles not related to art (transferring them to another blog) 
  • plan content ahead of time
This may take some time, but it's all for the sake of further progress. 

As to what you can look forward to on this site:
  • Bi-Weekly Artist Features
  • My Artwork
  • Art Tips/Tricks
  • Vendor and Shop Experiences
  • Famous Artists and Their Work 
So, if you:
  • are interested in discovering unique artists
  • love my style of work
  • want to learn some painting tricks so you can start painting yourself
  • an admirer of artists who passed
then stick around. 😁

And if you want to continue to read my "extras," I'll leave a tab link at the top of the page redirecting you. 

Thank you for your patience as I re-organize, 

See you soon, 

Skylan Abraham of the Bucket Digest


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