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Leveling About My Medium of Choice

    I f you've taken the time to look through my portfolio--first and foremost thank you for doing so, it's greatly appreciated 😊-- then you've probably noticed a pattern among the majority of my pieces pertaining to the medium. As you may have guessed, Acrylics are my favorite paint to use on my pieces. I suppose the reason for this is because it was the first serious paint I had been introduced to. Where we lived at the time --when I had decidedly chosen art as a passion to pursue-- I would often find my mother at the table in the kitchen nook corner, with a fine paintbrush and some acrylic paint in hand, working on a piece she'd been at for weeks. She only painted in the morning hours, when the house was silent, the coffee had been brewed, and the birds could be heard calling to each other with their songs as they sat perched amongst the huge oak tree just outside our window. Only then did she feel she had the time.      S he was a very emotive painter, but her

Me and My Will

    I f you read my previous post (see Discovering My Passion), I spoke of my 21 short years and the passion that I pursued since the age of nine. In context, I've been drawing/painting, creating, for a little over 12 years: I'll be 22 this fall. Besides being an artist, I am the mother of two boys, Jasper (almost 2) and Solstice (currently 3 months), and I would be lying if I said keeping up with my art, my pages, and taking care of these energetic two while simultaneously keeping the house maintained was an easy thing for me to do. In fact, it's terribly difficult at times. The only time of day I have available to create is when Jasper falls asleep. I often work until at least 3am, and then I'm back up again as early as 8 or 9 in the morning. Now I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm very grateful to be able to stay home with my babies. I get to see them grow up under my supervision versus that of a daycare worker or babysitter, and I'm amazed at how they gro

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