Finding My Style

How would one best describe an art style?

It's a funny inquiry for me to pose to you when in all honesty, I don't quite understand how to answer this question myself yet.

To elaborate, I suppose my personal style isn't something I feel I've fully developed to the degree I hope to achieve.

My biggest problem is finding a style I like and keeping consistent with it. I often switch between two or three different styles, depending on what I'm creating at the moment or the look I want to achieve.

The difference between my realism and my cartoony works is as clear as they're meant to be, but my cartoon style seems to change from the previous drawing to the next.

It's like the difference between these following images of mine:  

As you can see, my paintings are created using various techniques.

I really love how I did the skin in the vine-head piece, with additions of purples and an overall blocky, textured execution of the skin.

I also enjoy my smoother-skinned portrait, done in oil, although I feel it doesn't look remotely similar to the latter.

The undertones are different, with greens and blues.

I suppose looking at them now, I do see some consistency in the style of the portraits, remotely; they all seem to include aspects of detail or texture alongside plain, outlined blocked-in shapes with bold color.

Funny how I'd never realized this until now.

SO, perhaps I do have a sort of style about my paintings. I'll definitely be paying more attention to this new discovery and see if I can develop it further…

While that was solved, it does seem I am left with other images that really DON'T bear any semblance with the other.

When I draw something in a cartoony style, so many aspects--mainly in the face- change between one drawing from the next.

As portrayed by the images below, I often switch around how I draw noses, hair, lips, and eyes:


Both of these are cute, but I would prefer to revert back to an older style, like the one displayed below, which I had a little over two years ago.

Although incomplete, this watercolor sketch still reigns as one of my favorites:

In retrospect, it's only natural that a style would change as the years pass...

**author's note: It's been two years since I first wrote this article, and it's safe to say that my style is seemingly becoming more consistent.

In these couple of years, I found how I enjoy painting most, and so the newest resolution consists of honing that style so that it never falters and is easily recognizable as my own.

Here are some of my more recent works:


I feel the works are different yet coherent, following these similar elements/artistic traits:

  • Colorful//Bold
  • Wavy
  • Abstract
  • Odd//Creepy
  • Emotive
Above is how I'd describe my traditional artwork. 
My digital, on the other hand, is a style I'm still developing. Check out this post to see how I've improved:

    If I could say anything to my past self, it'd be to believe in future possibilities and growth; don't be discouraged, just keep working hard. 
    Even now, I'm eager to see how far I'll go someday. I'll keep pushing forward, even if only an inch at a time.  



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