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Why I write about other artists

 I love writing about other artists. "But Sky? Aren't you afraid of pushing people towards the competition?" Afraid isn't the right word. I feel more helpful than anything.  Because if someone doesn't resonate with my art, but resonates with another- why convince them to buy from me? In other words, the Art Community (at least the one I want to build) is about lifting one another up. Any of us trying to make a living from their art could very well use a new customer.  And I know the work it takes to become skilled as an artist.  The hours of study, the years of practice, the cost of materials... via GIPHY It's a LOT.  Besides,  My collectors are out there somewhere. All I require of myself is patience and persistence.  I'm in no rush on my journey to success.  Nothing wrong with taking my time :) You can see my artwork under the portfolio tab, or this link:   But feel free to check out the Artist features on this site to see other

A Birthday Gift to Herself

"You never know what might resonate with someone" It's something I once overheard at a vendor event. Something a mother was saying to her daughter (who was also an artist) - but something relevant to the both of us.  And I'm writing it now, so I don't forget.  It will stand as a quote to give me courage. Reminding me to put ANY of my artworks out into the world, even (or especially) the ones I don't think anyone would like.  Like this painting: An oil painting I made for fun, which sold once listed.  And then a commission request came in following the sale.  "A birthday gift to me" She loved it, and I was happy to see her happy. 

The Search for Galleries

"She'll never make money at these vendor events..." At first, that statement sounded rather harsh, but then he said,  "Because she's a fine artist, and her work needs hung up in galleries, where people go to BUY art." Until I heard that, I had only briefly considered hanging my art up in galleries. I thought vendor events would be the best way to go-- they're local and lots of people attend the events.  But there's a "tough love" reality about that statement that has inspired me to search for galleries in my area and submit my artwork for consideration... Just to see where it leads. It's a new endeavor, so no luck yet- but I'll keep looking, and update you when my works gets accepted somewhere.  Perhaps the Riffe Gallery in Colombus, OH.  Or Ginko Gallery and Studio in Oberlin, OH.  I have a lot of research to do...  But stay tuned for details of the process and acceptance.  I'm rather excited to share the experience with you. 

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