Why I write about other artists

 I love writing about other artists.

"But Sky? Aren't you afraid of pushing people towards the competition?"

Afraid isn't the right word. I feel more helpful than anything. 

Because if someone doesn't resonate with my art, but resonates with another- why convince them to buy from me?

In other words, the Art Community (at least the one I want to build) is about lifting one another up. Any of us trying to make a living from their art could very well use a new customer. 

And I know the work it takes to become skilled as an artist. 

The hours of study, the years of practice, the cost of materials...


It's a LOT. 


My collectors are out there somewhere. All I require of myself is patience and persistence. 

I'm in no rush on my journey to success. 

Nothing wrong with taking my time :)

You can see my artwork under the portfolio tab, or this link: https://www.artbyfib.com 

But feel free to check out the Artist features on this site to see other incredible artists (and their Instagrams are linked too -if you want to follow-)


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