When You Realize You've Been Going About It The Wrong Way...

Let's just say-- it's like getting hit with a tin pan full of flour rather than a whole pie. 

As to why that is, I suppose it's like this:

A pie smashes into your face. It's sticky, ew-y, but it tastes good-- and comes off easy.

A tin pan full of flour on the other hand-- gets everywhere-- in your nose, in your hair, your eyes, your clothes, and when you go to wash it off, it gets gooey, so you'll end up washing yourself several times before all the flour is gone --and who knows how long you'll be finding flour on the floor-- but that's the beauty of it. That there, is the beauty of realization...

...although it's not something you'll likely want to wash away.

It's not tasty, it sticks, but you couldn't be better off...

Now, I must clarify...I have no idea what I'm talking about here ^. 

Hello, it's future me!

Past me could have been writing about any number of things (this is one of those drafts I never got around to finishing)... but looking back at the intro now, only one thing comes to mind-- my vendor events. 

For all the years I lived in Florida, I kept thinking about the Fort Myers Downtown First Friday, and how I'd participate one day... yet, I never did. Not once. 

I suppose it was a fear holding me back. I questioned the unknown: how will people react to me? React to my art? 

Perhaps it was due to my social anxiety-- after all, Downtown was usually packed-- 

But after attending New Phili's Art On The Alley, I realize how silly it was of me to be so scared of what I could never know unless I took the plunge and set up a booth.

I think this instance could be applied to a lot of things in life.

Whether it be bigger moves like applying for a new job, leaving the old one, switching college majors, or something smaller, like riding a rollercoaster-- the reality is-- you'll never know how you'll benefit if you never give yourself the chance to experience what scares you.

I don't want to get preachy, but I was saved by this small truth. 

I hope it will save you too.




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