How Creativity Has Helped My Career

If you ask a creative person if they feel they're creative, they might hesitate to answer because what really qualifies creativity?

At its core, creativity is the ability to solve problems in a unique way. Even when you're creating an art piece, you're solving some sort of problem- a blank canvas, craft pieces you have lying around...

Whatever it is you're creating, the initial problem was that something needed to be created-

Now, on to the main topic of discussion: how has creativity helped my career?

I think it's best to first explain what my career is. 

In technical terms, I'm a freelance copywriter. 

My duties range from creating SOP templates to emails to even website copy. 

It's a job that requires creative outlooks on a daily basis. 

And I'd be nowhere in my career without it.

Life without creativity is simply trudging along. My career without creativity would be no career at all, but just a job. 

There would be no opportunity to voice my opinion, be heard, and grow within the company- replacing instead a monotonous, dizzying routine. 

I know it's easy to say, "I'm just not creative," but most people don't realize that creativity is a skill, not something you're inherently born with.

Creativity takes imagination. As kids, it was easy. As kids, all we had was our imaginations. 

But perhaps in the harshness of adulthood that sense of imagination has been buried in the rules of society. 

But it can be regained. 

My advice? Read. 

There's nothing more suitable for the task. Words on paper call up images in our minds, do they not? 

So, if you're looking to be more creative; rebuild your imagination- from there, simply create. 

You got this-


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