Finishing up the piece: Background

     Creating a background is oftentimes the biggest decision one can make when pertaining to an artwork: it can either make the piece or destroy it. Typically, artists begin with the background and work their way forward to the foreground, but I have always found that an extremely difficult process to follow, and typically begin with the latter and work my way back. And so, that leaves me with the question, “what to do with it?”  I am admittedly guilty of the following: 


   I will stare and stare for half hours at a time, and as I go throughout my day I will stop by my work and stare again. It’s a habit that can last several days until eventually, I decide which idea works best and then simply execute that idea onto canvas. Although, “simply” might not be the most accurate way to put it-- I have messed up quite a few times attempting to realize my image-- admittedly. Luckily, my favorite medium is quite easy to cover up, and with which doing so has often been the case in several of my paintings. The results are usually quite pleasing though-- one has to make mistakes in order to learn from them, I suppose--

     With that habit of mine shared, below is a timelapse video of the baby piece I have been working on for a couple weeks, or more accurately, what I decided to do for the background as I finished it. I’m quite happy with the result, all that’s left to do is seal it and then I can ship him to his rightful home. Thanks for joining me in the creation process. I look forward to further sharing with you. Enjoy: 


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