It's a Bit Tricky, Wondering Where to Begin

     The big question I always find myself asking is: How does one become successful? Besides what I currently understand, and perhaps the hardest to stay consistent with, being "work hard, keep trying," and "learn from and push through rejection," how does one truly become successful. More importantly, how and where does one begin?"

     Winding as ceaselessly as wind through a pinwheel on a stormy day, I find myself running idea after idea through my mind. I often begin questioning ideas on a nationwide scale and then progressively attempt to shrink those questions to a much, much smaller scale, meaning me.

     In the smallest perspective I can think of, I ask myself, "what can I bring to the table?"

he ideas shift to my hobbies. What do I like to do? What speaks to me? I know the answers to these inquiries all too well. My hobbies have grown with me through the years; what I was once terrible at have become the staples of my talent, and therefore the success-achieving prospects I may be able to utilize to begin my journey.

     I've been creating as early as nine years old, and as I mentioned earlier, I wasn't that good. Although at that age, I wasn't quite aware of the fact, and never let anything discourage me. Despite how I felt about my drawings then, I at least knew (thanks to my dad) that there was always room for improvement, and kept pushing myself in order to do so. If discouragement ever existed then, it was never laid bare, as all I had at the time were supportive friends and family to compliment my work, no matter the actual skill level I had at the time. 

    And so, it was only natural I continued to grow my calling. It didn't feel right to stop, and even after breaks, I always found myself being sirened to create. Even now, that notion holds steadfast onto my soul. I suppose it's like part of my identity; a huge part of me is lost and frustrated without it. 

     With that said, you can understand why if I had to create any business, it would be art related. Doing what I love for the sake of existing and for the sake of others, to create happiness for someone through what I love to do, what could be better? That's a big check on the Success Checklist: are you passionate about what you do? Check! However, no matter how passionate, I am left to remember one simple fact: there are a ton of artists! So, the next question arises: how do I create a niche in order to compete in this pool? The answer lies in the uniqueness of my pieces. Is my style something someone would desire, different than others? 

     I suppose besides my style, another thing to consider is the reality that I am not only selling my art, but selling myself in the sense that my character is and should remain kind, encouraging, and positive. (on the flip side, it's perfectly okay to be honest when you are feeling unwell-some of the best paintings are created through sadness and frustration I find-). 

     On that note, you've also got to create a connection between you and those watching you. You are not just a person behind the scenes, you are an active member in promoting, marketing, and conversing with your fans/audience/ target market (unless you source others to do it for you). Either way, consistency is key. I've been posting every day to my social media platforms, at least once a day, and have slowly gained a follower count. Posting several times will increase my chances, and commenting on others' accounts could help as well. --Use what's at your disposal-- I speak of follower count because the more followers you have, the more likely you are to make a sale, and in my case, are commissioned-- 

     In order to create, one must also invest. Before you start your business, it's SUPER important to learn how much you are willing to pay in order to do so. In all honesty, I've done more investing then bringing in pure profit since starting out. Which, unfortunately, is a tough bullet to bite.. but the main thing to remember is to keep pushing. Tell yourself positive reassurances, and keep at it. Say aloud, "I will become successful" every day. 

     There isn't a 100% sure-fire way to becoming successful, but these few things listed are a good place to start. 

   All I know to remain true is that art has a way of expressing to people what I can't say aloud, emits feeling, and encompasses beauty-- that of which we need a little more of in the world. Naturally, I'm glad to fulfill that role as an artist, a friend, and a kind stranger. Thanks to my supporters!

**Other things to say to remind yourself**

1. slow business is still business. 
2. it takes time: have patience
3. don't give up, face your challenges
4. another day is another step forward
5. your time is worth value, don't sell
yourself short

*Also, my finished abstract piece!*

Women Are A TripOriginal available for sale on my Shop. Details there. 


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