Commission #2 in Progress

It may be a disagreeable preference, but I feel that having two commissions going at one time~ especially when those pieces differ from each other (whether it be style, palette, subject matter, etc)~ is a rather productive way of handling both effectively. The best way to explain this may best be put simply: you grow tired of looking at one, so the other offers a reprieve of the last, offering new insight, further inspiration, bolder or softer technique (brush strokes, paint application, etc...). A new perspective may be all you need to progress a piece. With that said: as I've worked steadily on the portrait I showed in my previous post, I also began another commission in between. With excitement, I reveal below the Book Cover WIP for Author H.C Iser's upcoming release "The Pearl, the Petal, and the Pie." I still have plenty to do, but nothing beats watching how I progress: it deems itself quite the motivator for me. That's probably one of the biggest reasons why I love creating time-lapse videos. A lot of art stems from "trusting the process," and what better way to see that than through video?

Just a little tidbit about the book, the heroine is a mixed (Korean-American) girl with dwarfism and a port-wine stain birthmark over most of the left side of her face. She has a will of steel and a curious, adventurous heart, resulting in a love for Sherlock, which comes into play throughout the novel.
The idea behind the cover was to introduce our young protagonist, who although has the traits I described, is still inexplicably human, and can hurt just the same. I plan on adding some caution tape perhaps, and cherry blossoms falling from the sky. I was given almost total artistic freedom (save for a reference picture she really liked) and that's what has made this artwork most enjoyable to create. I hope to do further covers in the future. Perhaps even make some for my own tales. In the meantime I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, I'll make sure to update everyone soon. 
Also, feel free to comment! Critiques and Tips are welcome as well. That goes for this piece and every piece thereafter (or before). Ideas for future pieces are valued also. 



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