Commission WIP: Black and White

     If any of my pieces displayed any similar particular trait, color is one, if not the most obvious one!😁I've made a few black and white pieces throughout my career as a student, but this is the first time in my career I had ever been commissioned to do so. Charcoal is one thing, Watercolor another, but Acrylic is something different altogether. It is my favorite medium, so luckily it hasn't been proven too challenging quite yet (I'm waiting on the clothes for that) ~~ but truth be told, the piece has definitely been a learning experience through and through.  Although I prefer to create colorful pieces, there is something quite romantic, perhaps nostalgic even, of creating a black and white piece. It’s almost as though you’re telling the world, “everything’s much simpler than it seems.” Sometimes, we just need a little simplicity. If only life could go back to how it was when we were kids: it's a dream not forgotten.

     Pictured below are the WIP photos of this commission, as well as a little timelapse process video of me completing the faces:


  1. Looks fantastic! I love watching faces come together as they're painted, its so satisfying to me.


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