Cool, Calm, and Collected

    Dear Reader, 
    Sometimes, the world around us feels as though it's been engulfed in flames.
    Sometimes, it feels as though life exists only to torture and test the trying. 
   Sometimes, it seems life harbors within its days an always impending bout with Adversity-- he is inevitable-- we face him daily, and are left feeling frustrated, gloomy and defeated. As if the outside challenges weren't enough, Adversity hides in the shadows of our consciousness. He lingers in our thoughts as doubt and anxiety. He exists in the overthinker: the mother, the son, the daughter, the friend, the family, the neighbor. He is hardest to deal with when he resides in the walls of our own minds, and yet, we find the courage to rise time and time again. 
    I wanted to capture this, and so I reveal: 

    It was probably one of those defeated days for me, and another I would simply let pass-- but what better way to face this man than with a being of equal power, able to release me of heavy shackles?
    Her name is Creativity, and she manifests as an outlet for me. With her, my worries that seem so red and belligerent fade into a smaller, manageable feeling.
    With her, I rise despite the flames. With her,  I regain my cool and my calm, and my thoughts are recollected. Together, we bring into the world an artwork to share our story. 
    I hope she helps you discover just how powerful you really are. I hope she helps you as she helps me. I hope she makes you realize that adversity can be overcome and helps you understand that especially in our darkest hours, our enemy is often found necessary in order to prevail.
        With understanding, I sign off for the day, anticipating another, 
              Skylan Abraham of Art by FIB


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