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     Dear Reader,

     If there was ever something that felt right to me, as though a purpose, as cliche as that sounds, nothing is more reoccurring in the back of my mind than the want to help other people. I constantly am reminded that this world can be a rather self-concerned place, and I suppose that it's only natural-- we have children to care for, careers to worry about, lives to live-- I'm no exception, and so figuring out what I could do to help the world, even if just a tiny, tiny part of it, was a bit of a challenge.
     I don't know when it hit me, but one day I sat scrolling through FB greeted by images of art posts from the group I'm in, and I couldn't help but be amazed at everyone's skill and talent-- and just like that, BAM! I found myself wanting to feature them.
     Featuring artists has never been a new thing -- a borrowed idea you might say, although most have subscription requirements-- but no harm could come of asking permission to share others' art either, and so, I asked and I received. Over 80 artists shared there work with me and gave me permission to write about them! 
     Starting Monday, July 27th, I'll be featuring approximately four artists a week on my page, complete with images of their works and links to their Websites/YouTubes/Instagrams and the like. I'll also be posting updates of my work in between, but I hope with these features, I'll learn as I write, and perhaps experiment more with my own work-- to be inspired for future works -- and that you will take a look at the imagination of others, appreciate the time they took into birthing their creations, and perhaps even be drawn to buy from them, supporting not just a small business, but the soul behind the business. The soul that they share with their works and with the world.  


     Monday we take a look at a Digital Artist who takes every consideration into the way light is portrayed on her pieces. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am, and for the features that follow. I am so excited to get this project started!

     With exhilaration, I sign off for the day,
                             Skylan Abraham of Art by FIB


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