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Have you ever heard of the Piccadilly? I've recently purchased one of their books, titled, "Write the Poem," and within it's contents, each page offers a new prompt to write a poem about. I want to start shifting our Tuesday Verse to poems created from these prompts, and I challenge you to write along with me. I'll start at the first page, and create a verse for each page following until we run out:

Prompt 1: The Ocean

In the moonlight, 

the ocean waves

glimmer like starlight,

in a galaxy full of whispers. 

One star to the other, 

"I see you,

you are not alone, 

although we are far apart."

I'd never felt so serene

as I did that night,

by the ocean. 

It was almost as if

the problems,

the hurt, 

that continuously made their mark

on my heart,

ceased to exist;

with just a single gaze

upon that dark, 

seemingly endless


through it's subtle,

reassuring breeze. 

The sound

of those gentle waves

as they hit the damp sandy shore,

blocked out the noise

of overstimulation,

of worries,

burdened on me day-to-day

and made them small

as they are meant to be,

in the larger picture of things. 

I miss the night ocean.

Evgeny Kuklev


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