Creative Thinking: It's Important!


Use Creative Thinking Skills to Crush Your Goals

Written by A. Lewis of Embracing Change
Edited by Skylan Abraham

Many people don’t think of creativity as a skill, but it is, and you can develop it. Some people will separate creativity from logical thinking, but others believe they go hand-in-hand. Many of the most successful people throughout the course of history have risen to the ranks in their respective fields due to a knack for venturing outside of the norm and using creative thinking to resolve an issue or problem; what wonderful inspiration, knowing that you have a superpower that will allow you to crush your goals.

Creativity avoids using one approach to solve issues and complete tasks; this trait manifests itself in diverse ways. We are all familiar with forms of creativity that result in well-known pieces of music or works of art. When you sharpen your creative skills, you expand your opportunities in most aspects of your life. At work, you will be called upon to come up with new ideas that your company uses to create products or sell services. In your personal life, you may help your kids come up with ideas when they are stuck on their projects; you can probably come up with a host of places where creativity comes in handy.

Creative souls have more freedom when they are self-employed. If you run your own business, let your creativity run wild. Although pertaining to your business, you need to strike a balance between coming up with ideas and getting work done; your ideas are meaningless unless put into action. It’s great to have new ideas, but you have to put them in the pipeline to let them take off.

No Cookie Cutter Solution

Although the majority of the people in your life will tell you otherwise, there are very, very, few things in life that can only be done one way; all too often, we get into the habit of using the same method to address the same obstacle. 

There will be times when it seems you're not making any progress towards your goals; this is when you have to think outside the box. Part of the creative process is to come up with bad ideas. That sounds counterintuitive, and the thinking behind this notion is not to deliberately come up with bad ideas, but rather to accept their inevitability; you should allow them to occur even if they weren’t intentive. It’s better to have hundreds of ideas which could yield a few great results than it is to try and manifest only the best of ideas out of thin air; a happenstance where we often become staggered. 

There are no hard and fast rules for what makes someone creative; mostly, you draw your inspiration from others and rework a new angle into the process.

Author Bio:

I grew up in rural North Carolina. My adult life has been quite an adventure from the stuffy corporate world: from running a motorcycle company to being self-employed. As I've worked through the many changes and challenges that life has served up, too often it felt lonely. That is why I started Embracing Change and am working on growing a community to help others overcome the fear and loneliness of the process.

I currently live in Virginia Beach, where I share a home with one of my daughters, my granddaughter, and two dogs. Some of the things that add joy to my life are gardening, reading, and gaming, as well as spending lots of time with friends and family.

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