6 Helpful Tips To Create A More Compelling Still Life


If you've come from my other post, 6 Exercises to Improve Your Artwork, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Today, we're looking at Six Tips to Make a Compelling Still Life:
  1. Choose Interesting Materials

  • ditch the glass cups and fruit; instead, look for odd trinkets, patterned milk-glassware, jewelry boxes, books, something textured, something fabric.

  1. Choose objects of various sizes

  • several sizes create eye-catching arrangements

  1. Arrange them in a way that creates directional flow

  • where will the items (and the way they're arranged) lead the viewer's eyes?

    • down and up?

    • in a zig-zag fashion? 

    • check out this quick article on directional lines found on Mary Ann Pals, Fine Art Website.

  1. Play with Perspective

  1. Use a Strong Light Source

  • A strong light source creates strong contrast, bright highlights, and dark shadows. 

  1. Experiment with Color

  • when painting a still life, you can do your best to paint color as you see it, but let's say, for instance, that the colors of the objects you've chosen clash in an ugly manner; at that point, change the color of said objects to better match your color palette.

  • Instead of copying the color, you're copying and paying close attention to the transition of color.

That about sums it up. I hope these tips helped you in some way and wish you the best in your artistic endeavors. Until next time! 


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