If You Don’t Have Everything, You’ve Fucked Up…

"If you don't have everything, you've fucked up..."

That’s what I told myself when it came to this list:

It’s literally there, under motivation

And my notes? 

That’s right, I’m a bad bitch. 

Nothing like a cup of aggressive positivity to keep me on track.

Reminder: New Philadelphia’s Art On The Alley event is this Sunday, May 15. I'm always good at forgetting things, especially on the days when what I need is super important, and this event is SUPER IMPORTANT-- for me as a person, and for my artwork

There's only room for improvement, and I'm eager to see what I learn from this event and the people that attend. 

Lists are the best way to make sure I have everything I need, to ensure my utmost success. I made it here: https://partner.canva.com/bucketdigest 


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