3 Easy Craft Ideas to Make for Mom this Mother's Day

1. Framed Scrapbook Page

Whether you're Mom looking for Grandma, Husband looking for Wife, or Kids looking for Mom, any of these craft ideas would make the perfect gift for that special mother in your life. 

This first craft is an idea that came to me after I was gifted by my brother a special collage. This collage consisted of the articles our grandfather had written for the magazines he was a regular author for (a memorial-like gift as he's recently passed) in which he cut out the articles, placed them inside a frame, decorated around them, and at finish, sealed the piece behind the glass of the frame before bringing it over to my house one Tuesday evening at our monthly game night, bestowing it upon me with a hinge of sadness- that which I felt with him. 

It's a piece that's now hanging in my office as a reminder of the man my grandfather was: resilient, kind, and funny, and serves to inspire me to continue my writing pursuits. I hope to one day be as successful as him. 

BUT, back to the craft (sorry for getting a bit mopey there), the collage I mentioned can be used similarly to create something for mom. 

Here's what you need:

A Large Frame 

  • any color of frame will work, but for my purposes, I'll be using a black frame

Scrapbook Paper

  • any design of your choosing; mix and match, use something that reflects moms' personality or mimics a hobby of hers (if she knits, a knit patterned paper; if she paints use a watercolor deco podge paper). 
  • my mother is a fan of dark colors, so I'll be using something with a darker palette (her favorite color is red, but loves pale versions of almost every color)
  • find and print a photo of mom to place at the center of the frame, and if you'd like, place a decorative frame around that photo (I'll be placing the photo inside a heart) find photos to print out and cut around of each of her children (or grandchildren) and rearrange them on your scrapbook paper until you're satisfied with the placement. 
Here's How to Personalize:
  • beyond photos, add different aspects to personalize the page. Examples include:
    • writing out favorite memories
    • images of her favorite things
    • writing, "why I love you"
  • decorate as you please (creativity is endless) 
    • add sequins, buttons, thread
    • paint over scrap paper
    • add stickers
    • use washi tape
At Finish:
  • encase behind glass
  • wrap if you desire
and you're DONE! 

It's a super simple, FUN project that will certainly leave mom feeling emotional. 

Check out how mine turned out below!
@smicysauce Framed Photo Collage/Scrapbook Page. See comments for materials. #craft #easycraft #mothersday #mom #mothersdaycraft #easycraftidea #scrapbook ♬ Le Calin - 斌杨Remix

2. Painting Pots and Starter Seeds

Growing up, my mother always loved planting and tending the garden she had in our quiet suburban backyard. She'd grow plenty of veggies, and I would help her-- the time we spent together then resides as fond memories. So this next craft is for any of you that have mothers with green thumbs!

Here's what you need:

Small Terracotta Pots 

  • you can find these are your local dollar store, Walmart, or Amazon
Acrylic Paint
Flower/Veggie Seeds
  • opt for anything easy growing (consider sunlight availability) or better yet, opt for a low maintenance plant (like the moon cactus)
  • remember your soil! 
  1. Prep the Terracotta Pots

    1. it may be fine without prep, but to decrease the chances of paint chipping, coat the pots with a layer of modpodge and allow it to dry thoroughly.

  1. Paint the Pots

    1. have your child paint whatever their heart desires. A child's creative flow is most endearing!

  1. Seal with Modpodge

    1. you can use either a matte or glossy sealant

  1. Pour Soil into the Pot 

  1. Plant Your Seed (or succulent, or cactus)

and your plant is now ready for gifting!

Not only will mom love the personalized pots, but she'll display this as a proud decoration!          

3. For the kids: 5 Reasons Why I Love You. 

For our final craft idea, we have a super simple project any grade-schooler or high-schooler can partake in. You only need some pretty paper, some markers, and the title "Five Things I Love About You Mom" 

This can also be framed or displayed as-is on the fridge.  

It's a personal gift from child to mother or grandmother (change Mom to Grandma in the title) and will certainly have mom (or grandmom) feeling sentimental. It's personalized best when the reasons are hand-written rather than typed. 

I hope these project ideas inspired you today! Truly, any of these gifts will have mom feeling loved this holiday, and the special Mom in your life deserves nothing less. 

If you'd like to share your projects, consider tagging #bucketmom on Instagram and I'll share them on my story this Mother's Day! Looking forward to seeing the results! 



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