Art on The Alley

It finally happened...

As many of you know, New Philadelphia Ohio's Art on The Alley vendor event was something I've been looking forward to and preparing for since the beginning of the 2022 New Year. 

I participated in early October of 2021 and learned so much from the experience that I was ready for the next: heart blazing, motivation obtained, and inspiration aflame, and have already invested tons of time and money in making sure I have everything I require for May's event: from large items like a tent and gridwall panel towers to smaller items like prints, varied originals, business cards, display cases-- anything I felt would aid in my success. 

When the day came, I was more than ready.

It happened this past Sunday... 

Here's what I have to say about the experience:

It was HOT, but there was a huge turnout. 

I went early morning to set up my area (a cute little spot in a parking lot beside this cupcake shop) and getting everything together took some time but I had a couple friends to help me out, so it didn't take as long as it would have if it were just me. 

I bought a tent this year, and it provided some nice shade against the blazing sun (a good investment for sure). I had three retail racks to tie my paintings to (I used a stapler gun and some string to do this-- I didn't like the look of the paintings on hooks that overextended) and that probably took the most time-- or at least it felt that way.

After that was done, I set up my prints and sign on the table, and after a few hours of work between everything, this was how it turned out (minus the box and lint roller under the table lol):

Overall I was pretty happy, I had a nice amount of work displayed, and sold one original and several prints over the course of the event. 

I met many people, and although my art wasn't for everyone, the ones who did stop through and compliment my work made everything worth it...

...and GET THIS-- I was personally invited to hang my art in a home decor shop in Bolivar. That's HUGE! Who knows what other opportunities this will grant me?

Overall, I had a really fun day. There were a ton of amazing artists and food vendors, and some fantastic musicians there as well. 

Even though I was a bit nervous, it was well worth putting myself out there again. 

I learned a lot from this experience and am looking forward to participating in more events in the future (I've got quite the lineup).

I think if I take anything from last Sunday's event, I could try these several things:

  • stand outside the tent and engage with people
  • decorate my tent with curtains (another tent did this and I think it's a great idea)
  • buy a tablecloth (I used a sheet). 
  • buy a bigger sign (I had a flyer at the table) 
  • perhaps leave your business cards at the front of the tent (on a separate little table) 
Hoping the best for what is yet to come,
stay tuned for the next event! 


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