I've Come Far From Yesterday


Where I've come from Yesterday

by Skylan Abraham

Yesterday is only one day, surely,
Yet how far
do you feel you've come,
since 730 "simply yesterday's" ago?

Where did you see yourself;
with husband or child?
Traveling, attending school,
living your life mild,
or perhaps,
traversing amongst the wild?

Are you mature,
compassionate, empathetic,
Yet, conversely a child?
Dramatic, ecstatic,
"life is unfair,"
a little less:

The future is uncertain.
Yet, one thing's for sure,
through every so-called door,
or if bold you be...
out every window,
there lie opportunities,

golden mistakes

And perpetual growth.

Yesterday is only one day away.
With it, the tides of change
grow less faded.

I've come far from yesterday.


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