Baby Blues

Baby Blues

by Skylan Abraham

In an incessantly stress-ridden world,
his sky-colored, baby blue eyes
are the one thing that calms me.

Within them, I imagine what he sees
with seamless curiosity,
a world obscure,
yet so small a world as his living room.

The admiration for textures unknown,
for sounds twice heard
or of creatures besides him;
the cat, rabbit, or mice.
Odd in their manners,
but most of all exciting.

He attempted to reach out
to the animals,
his friends,
and once
to the mirror he saw himself in.

No serious reflection,
as adults often attend,
but one of "wow,
look at me,"
unaware of his insecurities,
he grinned his toothy grin
with utmost confidence,
amazed at his reflection.

If only we could
Unearth the world around us,
as if we were children.

What would our world be like then?
through his baby blues?


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