Without Art

    "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable." -George Bernard Shaw

    Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, Poetry, Writing; Art and all of its forms open up the gateways to our hearts and lead us through the labyrinths of our minds: guiding us to manifest within them our emotions, imaginations, and viewpoints onto any material and through any medium we choose- creating this lively, colorful world we live in today. 

     It's within the combination of at least two of these things that a power resides. A simple word can create a whole outlook onto a piece, (see: Title is as Title does) and quite often, a few words can tell a whole story. 

   With this idea in mind, allow me to introduce today's featured artist, Abby Altman. 

    A story: the phrases beside the two artworks above create just that. If you skimmed over them, I implore you to read each again, and really stare at the images. What do you take from them?   

    I feel the words gift a delicateness to the artwork; to an extent, perhaps, that a single word or title couldn't manage. 

    Take the first image for instance, “the song has ended, but the melody lingers on; “ death and the procession of life. The song, represented by the skeleton, and the melody, represented by the flowers. Death is empty, but the life that follows is still beautiful. 

    Likewise, the second image states, “a picture is a poem without words.” How absolutely true that is. In the particular image we are referencing here, however, the execution and technique used in its creation take that statement to another level. 

    Look at the use of the bold lines, emphasizing the character despite there being no color. Observe the thin lines, dripping from the cloud (perhaps representing the storm that can exist in one's mind), and how it feels as though she is crying. The pose, limp (almost as if the chains on her figure are weighing her down.) The nakedness; vulnerability. 

    Then, take a look at the background. A cracked wall, (a shattered foundation). "Picture perfect," broken to the point that truth can no longer be hidden.

    I'm unsure of how accurately I've interpreted these images, but that's the fun of it. 

    Let's proceed to another artwork of Abby's, pictured below:

     At first glance, I see an adorable portrait and color. I see yellows, greens, purples, blues. reds. Then, I see the eyes, the flowers, and the halo above her head. 
     As art wades in biased waters, my bias rides amongst the following curiosities: 

~ innocence amongst surrounding influences? 
~ or innocence in daylight, chaos in the night? A true self perhaps? 
~ the blue, soul-bearing eyes staring, and the juxtaposed brown eyes looking up and away
~ the flowers; good amongst the straggled? 
~ a handprint meeting her gaze? 

     There is a lot to unravel in this piece, at least from a viewer's standpoint. Although, not every artwork is made for the sake of deep conversations, as Abby states, "I really just enjoy painting for fun or [painting] whatever pops in my head..." 
     There is merit in a piece no matter the reason for its creation. That being said, I'll conclude this feature with a few more artworks, simply for the sake of appreciation, and bid adieu. 


     Thank you, Abby Altman, for granting me permission to feature your artwork. I truly appreciate you taking the time to discuss with me about yourself and your work, and hope the best in your future endeavor as a Pharmacy Tech. 
     If you'd like to see more of Abby's art, click the link to her Instagram: 
https://www.instagram.com/i.am.grace.art/ and stay tuned for a new post every week! 


I love the colors in this piece! Awesome contrast between the trunks and
the leaves, and the eyes give an air of curiosity. Almost as though nature watches us. 



  1. Love it. Thank you so much for featuring my work!!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for giving me permission to!


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