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  Today's Artist Feature consists of both the world (nature's quarters) and an artist's unique identity, represented through her artwork. Today's creator loves color, nature, and the divine. With those fixations in mind, allow me to introduce artist Gayle Jung.

      Art made representing a surreal experience, Gayle Jung's work mixes realism with the abstract, causing a sort of magic in her pieces that are unique to her and her artistic identity. Whether it be through the bold background like the one within the owl artwork, that somehow doesn't overpower the main focus (the difference in texture and the greens and blues of the tree draw our attention there) or in the subtleness of the blues against the pale purple skin of the woman in the artwork below, (paired with the warm yellow of the syncing squares and the bold, yet slightly purple tint of the lips), Jung creates a world all her own; her placement of color challenges the rules of art and her choice of subject matter push her works to be all they can and help determine how they're perceived. 

The hummingbirds, for instance, create a sense of tranquility within the piece, and paired with the yellow behind them, one may also perceive their flight synonymous with enlightenment. There is a knowing look in the woman's expression, her lips curved into a slight smile. Although, one could look at this another way as well: her tilted smile, despite a gain in wisdom, hides a hint of sadness. Perhaps this period of realization meant the loss of something precious? Something we wished would have worked out? An effect of growth caused by letting go?

I often like to ponder such questions: they cause me to appreciate an artwork more than I do at first glance. What kind of questions do you harbor about her works?



     I spoke of Jung's uniqueness through her portrait paintings alone, but I've found works on her page that push the "unique identity" envelope even further. Using Photoshop Digital Effects, Jung gives some of her pieces a movement to them, creating paintings with a modern twist and bringing them to life. To see the effects in action, click the photo below; a new window will appear: 

     "Animated Oil Painting, Cosmic Bloom" 

     The animation is truly divine. The stars become a swirl in the woman's hair and bring an otherworldly experience to the viewers as they observe this piece. 
     I've become inspired to try this on my own artwork someday. If you're also interested in how one can accomplish these effects, I'll have some youtube videos linked below. With that, I conclude my feature. 
     Thank you Gayle Jung for allowing me to write this today, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. 
     Readers! Join me next week for an article about my newest completed piece and an update on my artistic plans in preparation for the next vendor event for New Philadelphia, Ohio's "Art on the Alley!" 

Other Effects (photo edition):


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