I am Woman

      As winter has claimed its territory in my town, in my yard, with its delicate snow; the first blanket being the brightest, without imperfections, I'm reminded of a clean slate. A new beginning. As quickly as it leaves, a new year has approached yet again, and with it, our resolutions. 

     Resolutions: I often correlate the word with hope. Although, hope can only do so much. One must take action, perhaps that is the reason this year should weigh heavier on me than it has in the past. I understand now. 

     I've had aspirations. I've attempted and failed, time and time again. Endurance and persistence. My day will come, my goals will be met. It's about manifesting, believing; it starts with me. 

     My resolution? I want to love my body. 

     That statement was my inspiration for my first artwork of the year. 

     No one really understands the impact on your psyche when you're constantly wanting your body to be thinner, more toned, society's standard of "beautiful," or "handsome." The one thing that we can equally comprehend is the emotional impact, the growing self-doubt that carries itself onto our actions, within our expressions, causing an overall loss of self and confidence. 

     "I am Woman" is a painting to begin my journey into self-love and acceptance. I am a little vulnerable posting it, as it is a self-portrait. My insecurities haven't really been thrown out into the world in as obvious a form as this, but who's an artist without a few self-portraits?

     I want to share because this body is incredible. This body has made and birthed three amazing, healthy boys. This body had fed those boys,  and continues to care for them through the warmth of her hugs and the tenderness of her kisses. This body has given my soul a place to call home, a place to grow old in, and each scar, each future wrinkle, is a memory of the life its lead and will continue to lead until I leave this plane of existence. 

    Repetition and retention. "I am Woman. I am Beautiful." 



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    1. Thank You! I like how it turned out as well! :) It's the biggest piece I've ever done... I think I love working big!


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