Online Gallery Exhibit

The funny thing about dreams is that they're constantly changing. At least for me, that is. 
I've gone from wanting to be an interior designer, to a writer, to an artist, to at present, wanting to open my own art gallery. 

I'm already an artist, but I want to become a successful one. I write often, but my writing style isn't something everyone will enjoy...

In a way, I seem to be juggling several dreams. 

Writing is part of my career. 

Art is something I've done since I was a kid, what 'dream' I've pursued the most. 

An art gallery is new territory- but I thought it'd be fun to explore. 

I suppose the first thing I need to do is earn enough income to buy a place or rent a studio. 

Dreams require steps to achieve them. 

Income, knowledge and experience. I need all three before I start my own venture. 

Until that's in order, I thought it would be best to start the gallery online. 

I've created an Instagram just for that. 

If you'd like to submit your work to the upcoming exhibit, it's free to do so.

The theme is "letting go of the past." 


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